Action Team

Fight the Right Campaign

Under the Fight the Right campaign, TSURJ  aims to work as part of broader multiracial alliances to call out the Right’s white nationalist rhetoric and “strategic” use of racism to keep communities divided. Through a strategy that engages with electoral politics, utilizing tactics including doorknocking and political education, TSURJ 1) aims to impact the outcomes of key NC political races, challenge white supremacy within our communities and our elected offices and 2) build SURJ’s class consciousness, and develop models for long term power building with white working class communities.

In 2016, members of TSURJ:

  • Engaged in a deep canvas campaign effort in partnership with America Votes that helped to successfully unseat 5 term Tea Party incumbent Marilyn Avila in Wake County’s 40th district
  • Developed a pop ed workshop on the history of how racism has been used to divide and conquer and how communities can take action to build multi-racial power against white supremacy; and
  • Began building capacity to launch a listening campaign in poor and working class white communities with the goal of gathering information and building relationships that will strengthen our ongoing efforts to build a multi-racial, cross-class movement for economic justice.

In 2017, TSURJ will train facilitators to deliver our pop ed workshop to congregations and civic organizations throughout the Triangle, begin to roll out the listening campaign, and will work in partnership with other organizations to build power and support (i.e. through future canvassing efforts) for anti-racist, left-leaning candidates in the 2017 special elections.

Rapid Response

As members of Triangle SURJ we are committed to consistently showing up for racial justice and supporting the ongoing work of black and brown led organizing within the Triangle. To that end, TSURJ’s action team strives to be on call for and and ready to support racial justice-related demonstrations, direct actions, vigils, public forums, government hearings, emergency meetings, and letters to the media.

In 2016, TSURJ members:

  • Attended Durham city council meetings and wrote letters to council members advocating against the use of police body cameras until a better/more accountable process around their use could be developed
  • Took part in demonstrations and an act of civil disobedience organized by Durham Beyond Policing in an effort to stop the building of a new 8 million dollar police headquarters
  • Participated in anti-Islamophobia canvassing in Raleigh organized by Jewish Voices for Peace in response to Islamophobic and anti-refugee demonstrations
  • Provided support in the form of logistics, supplies, training, and turnout for the Charlotte Uprising in response to the killing of Keith Lamont Scott and Justin Carr
  • Worked in coalition with a multiracial group of organizations to plan a coordinated response to Klan activity in the wake of the Trump election
  • Joined others under the banner of #stopthecarolinacoup to organize against the NCGOP attempts to steal the 2016 elections.
  • Worked with members of Ready the Ground to train and turn out marshalls to local demonstrations, marches, rallies and vigils in order to ensure the safety, accessibility, and effectiveness of these movement spaces

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