Charlotte Uprising Letter Writing

Thanks for writing to protesters who were locked up during the Charlotte Uprising! Please, in your letter, do not talk about any specifics about the Uprising, or about any details of their case. Please read below before you get started. Write a Letter Writing a letter to a political prisoner is a concrete way to[…]

Having Conversations with Confederate flag holders

Help us fight the right!

Triangle SURJ Action is launching a new campaign this Fall calling on white people to organize white communities against racism. This week has us reeling from the impacts of racism in our communities. Just weeks after the attack on LGBTQ people of color at the Pulse in Orlando, we are mourning the horrific deaths of[…]

A book to read

Towards the “Other America”: Anti-Racist Resources for White People Taking Action for Black Lives Matter A call to action to end white silence and a manual on how to do it. In addition to his own soul-searching essays and practical organizing advice in his “notes to activists,” Chris Crass lifts up the voices of longtime white[…]