#DoItLikeDurham Conference: August 25 & 26

Triangle SURJ is endorsing the #DoItLikeDurham Conference: How to Topple a Statue, How to Tear Down a Wall. Sign up to participate in this great local event! From #DoItLikeDurham: “This month is Black August, which was started by Black freedom fighters held inside California prisons to lift up the many Black liberation struggles taking place across the[…]

Do’s and Do Not’s of Showing Up for Racial Justice

In October 2017 Triangle SURJ sponsored a panel presentation and discussion focused on identifying helpful and unhelpful ways that white people approach racial justice. The event was led by panelists from local organizations: Martha Hernandez – Comité de Acción Popular Manju Rajendran – Ready The Ground and Anti-Oppression Resource and Training Alliance Anthony Magilone –[…]

Accountability Statement

Triangle SURJ will continue to struggle with important critiques and questions raised by organizers and Leaders of Color and white anti-racism activists about the role and work of white people and their accountability in the movement for racial justice. We deeply appreciate the time racial justice workers have taken to document what they’ve learned about[…]

TSURJ Community Workshop Now Available for Groups

After nearly a year of preparation and curriculum-building, TSURJ has launched a popular education workshop entitled “It’s Not {Just} Personal.” This two-hour workshop, created in response to Leaders of Color urging SURJ groups nationally to take initiative, is intended for anyone interested in understanding more about the ways in which racism operates in our society[…]

Having Conversations with Confederate flag holders

Help us fight the right!

Triangle SURJ Action is launching a new campaign this Fall calling on white people to organize white communities against racism. This week has us reeling from the impacts of racism in our communities. Just weeks after the attack on LGBTQ people of color at the Pulse in Orlando, we are mourning the horrific deaths of[…]