Coordinating Council

Coordinating Council members are responsible for supporting Triangle SURJ’s mission of helping white people take responsibility for taking participating in collective action to dismantle white supremacy and committing to multi-racial movements for social justice. Council members make recommendations about TSURJ’s overall strategy, work collaboratively with TSURJ workgroups, strengthen accountability partnerships, manage TSURJ’s finances and fundraising efforts, document decisions made and lessons learned, and take overall responsibility for TSURJ’s actions as a chapter. Council members have been active for at least six months with a TSURJ workgroup and support the mission and values of SURJ. The Council meets monthly. Membership to the Council is on a rotating basis of 6, 10, or 12 month terms.

Current Coordinating Council members:

Annie Taliaferro
Sonja Thalheimer
Ansel Dow
Susan Reynolds
Aileen Womark-Montes