#DoItLikeDurham Conference: August 25 & 26

Triangle SURJ is endorsing the #DoItLikeDurham Conference: How to Topple a Statue, How to Tear Down a Wall. Sign up to participate in this great local event!

From #DoItLikeDurham:

“This month is Black August, which was started by Black freedom fighters held inside California prisons to lift up the many Black liberation struggles taking place across the U.S. and the world. Since 1979, Black August has been a time to build unity, solidarity, and commemorate the fighters who have come before us and were taken too soon by the state and its racist vigilantes.

In that spirit, we invite organizers, freedom fighters, and community members from all over to join us in Durham, NC for a Commemorative One Year Anniversary Gathering to Honor Charlottesville, Defend Durham, and Smash White Supremacy!

Join us for workshops, political discussions, and actions to commemorate the one year anniversary of the righteous fightback in Charlottesville, VA against white supremacists and the people’s toppling of a confederate monument in Durham, NC.”

More info and registration link here.

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