Help us fight the right!

Triangle SURJ Action is launching a new campaign this Fall calling on white people to organize white communities against racism.

This week has us reeling from the impacts of racism in our communities. Just weeks after the attack on LGBTQ people of color at the Pulse in Orlando, we are mourning the horrific deaths of Philando Castile and Alton Sterling, murdered by police. In order to stop the ongoing deaths of Black people and other people of color at the hands of police and vigilantes, we must take action to end racism. We have been called to start this work where we live and in our white communities.

Over the past few months, T-SURJ members have been planning a campaign to take on the rise of the racist and anti-immigrant Right-wing power bloc in North Carolina. We are getting ready to launch this campaign at the end of the summer and we need your help!

North Carolina is a battleground state in the 2016 election. Although many blame white working class communities for the rise of the Far Right in the U.S., we have learned that Trump’s voting base is concentrated in middle and upper middle class white communities experiencing downward economic mobility. We aim to build and support white working class leadership and cross-class organizing against Trump and what he represents.

North Carolina also has the most competitive gubernatorial election in the country. Here, we have a chance at influencing the election through building a powerful cross-class group of white people in the Triangle working against racism in North Carolina. This election season, we will help to create a people’s agenda driven by social justice and anti-racist demands.

This Fall, T-SURJ will work as part of a broader alliance to call out the Right’s white nationalist rhetoric and strategic use of racism to keep communities divided.

We need volunteers to help with door knocking in neighborhoods, campaign planning, fundraising, web and social media, database management, art making, and much more as as we move forward with the Fight the Right campaign. Interested? Sign up here.

Stay tuned for more information about this campaign, share our posts on social media, and ask your friends and family to sign up for our mailing list!

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