Middle and Upper/Owning Class Caucus

The Middle and Upper/Owning Class Caucus (MUOCC) is a group of people within Triangle SURJ that work together to explore what it means to live with wealth and class privilege. We hope to build a deeper understanding of our class experience within the context of white supremacy and identify behaviors and strategies that are effective in the fight against barriers of race and class.

These are a few of the questions we work with to better understand the role that wealth and class privilege play in our world:

  • In what was do we internalize class privilege?
  • How can we combat racial stratification and gentrification?
  • What should our role be in movements led by People of Color and poor/working class people?
  • What does it mean to “Center Class” in our work with TSURJ?
  • What should a collective response to wealth look like?

We hold meetings on a (roughly) monthly basis to explore these questions, share our own stories and discuss class-related topics with community activists. We’d love for you join us! People from all class backgrounds are welcome, but our conversations will focus on the middle and upper/owning class experience.

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TSURJ also has a Poor and Working Class Caucus, for more information email TriangleSURJ@gmail.com.

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