POC organizations & groups

Updated 12/23/2015

This list is a work in progress. We offer it as one way to recognize and encourage support for the crucial work for liberation that Black people, people of color, immigrants, and Indigenous people have been doing in many forms, in this area for years. If you know of an organization or group with people of color leadership, doing organizing or liberation work, in the Triangle area that we’ve missed, please post a comment below.

*Organizations with a * are specifically Black-led. We are naming this because we have been called to recognize Black leadership & resistance, given the specificity of the terror of anti-Black racism in the US.

In striving to name, lift up, be accountable to, and support Black-, Brown-, and People of Color-led organizing, we know the groups above have many different leadership structures and some include white leadership; however, it is our understanding that all the groups listed here include strong leadership from people of color. We are striving to be as clear as possible, without making assumptions about the work people are doing – and we invite your feedback about how best to do this!

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