Program Team

The Program Team focuses on offering opportunities to learn more, go deeper, and grow skills in awareness and understanding. We strive to increase awareness of and resistance against racism and white supremacy through programs and events, such as workshops, coffee shop conversations, book studies, film screenings, and panel discussions. There are many events planned for 2018. Keep an eye on our Facebook page to learn about upcoming gatherings. You can also join TSURJ’s mailing list to receive newsletters and email alerts with more information.

Community Workshops

During 2018, TSURJ will continue to host monthly Community Workshops, announced via our mailing list, alternating between Durham and Raleigh. The purpose of the workshop is to share how racism was constructed to benefit white people, how race serves as a tool of divide and conquer, and to support folks moving toward anti-racist action. The workshop focuses on educating and engaging people who are white and those of any racial background are welcome.

We also offer this workshop to pre-existing organizations/groups (churches, synagogues, civic organizations, etc.) that have a shared mission and want to learn more about how racism operates and what they can do about it. If you are interested in scheduling a workshop within your community group, please email We would love to work with you!

Seasonal Potlucks

There will be quarterly mass meetings, generally held potluck style, to introduce SURJ’s mission, vision, and values throughout 2018. These are open to anyone who wants to attend; the goal is to help to connect interested folks with TSURJ’s activities and teams.

Coffee Conversations

During 2018, TSURJ will host regular informal meet-ups at coffee shops and other public venues across the Triangle. This will be an opportunity for folks to gather together and discuss an article or other piece of media with an anti-racist lens. These gatherings will be announced via Facebook and our mailing list.

Living Room Conversations

Living Room Conversations (LRCs) are small gatherings that strengthen our anti-racist lenses and offer opportunities for us to share experiences and explore together how to live and act as anti-racist, inter-sectional activists for racial justice. LRCs have been on a hiatus throughout late 2017, though we are planning to re-train facilitators for them during 2018 and to host another series.

Film Screenings

In 2017, we held film screenings of films such as Ava DuVernay’s 13th and others. We plan to continue to hold these screenings this year.

Want more information about any of this? Email with your thoughts or questions! Feel free to also fill out this brief form if you’d like to meet up with someone to talk a bit more about how to get involved.